If you are studying Japanese visa procedures or have previously applied for a Japanese visa for yourself and your loved ones, or consulted from a variety of sources, you may notice that: making a visa Japan is not difficult. However, the full supply of documents required by the Consulate is only a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition to be granted a visa. Moreover, the Consulate only makes general requirements for each visa category without instructions for each specific case. In addition, the information in the documents provided must be logical and reasonable to prove the binding “applicant will return to Vietnam” when the visa expires. Due to lack of experience and many other reasons, your visa application will take a lot of time, effort and money to get a visa.
To visit this country, you need to learn the important Japanese visa procedures that we will support to complete for you below.

Required documents in Japanese visa application file

1.2 photo of white background 4.5 x 4.5
2. Original passport + old passport if any
3. Household registration book (true copy)
4. Marriage registration (if married) (true copy)
5. Certification of current work
If employed: Labor contract or appointment decision, Confirmation of salary for the last 3 months, Application for vacation, Statement of salary account for the latest 3 months (if any)
If the business owner: Business registration, tax confirmation, account statements of the company for the last 3 months
If you are a child under 18 years old: Consent for travel by parents, copy of passport or identity card of father and mother, Birth certificate, Confirmation of student, Application for leave …
If retired: A retirement decision, pension book or pension account statement
6. Proof of personal finance: Personal savings book has a current balance of VND 100 million, bank account statements, real estate papers, cars, stocks, shares …
If there are people invited in Japan: Invitation, schedule in Japan
Depending on the specific purpose of the trip, whether traveling, visiting or working, additional documents for visa categories may differ. These procedures may also change from time to time due to the embassy’s adjustment to suit the actual situation, so in order to have a standard and perfect dossier, you need to anticipate and capture accurate information.
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The benefits of using JV Solutions’ services

With such requirements for a visa to Japan, it will be difficult to complete in a short amount of time. Although Japan has loosened regulations on granting visas for Vietnamese citizens, allowing multiple entries with one visa, but so that the application process is also more stringent. With our visa service, customers will be explained, guided and provided useful information during the Japanese visa process, to help customers understand and apply proper procedures in accordance with the conditions. of each person. In addition, the company’s support service to complete documents will help you prepare the most complete luggage in the process of making your visa. Specifically, customers will enjoy the following incentives when contacting with JV Solutions:
  • Free advice on records appropriate to their circumstances
  • Being an expert in JV Solutions with many years of experience in analyzing and processing records
  • Get expert advice from JV Solutions to analyze the profile if needed
  • Support translation and complete professional records
  • Instructions for interview with each document condition
  • Get support to apply to the consulate
  • In person to receive records if you can not arrange time
  • Pay the visa at the address if you need it
  • In addition, JV Solutions will have incentives from time to time and have support policies for loyal customers and groups.

JV Solutions – Trust of all customers first!

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