• Identity card:
– Original passport (valid for more than 06 months from the tour date)
– 2 photos: 4.5 x 4.5 (New photos are not the same as passport photos).
– ID card (photo).
– Household registration (photo).
– Copy of marriage registration copy if the couple goes on a tour.
• Proof of work:
– Labor contract (Photo).
– An application for leave to travel according to the tour program.
• Demonstrate financial:
– Savings books of over VND 120,000,000 (One hundred and twenty million).
– Verify bank balance.
• The above are basically the necessary documents to travel to Japan. Depending on each customer, you can add or simplify your application.
• Please contact our Company for more specific advice!

JV SOLUTIONS refuses to serve the following customers

1. Customers who have been going to work abroad in Japan;
2. Customers who have a spouse in Japan who are in the process of dispute, lawsuit, divorce, are prohibited from entering Japan …
3. Customers have applied for a Japanese visa (dropped) within 6 months. In the above cases, if the customer does not declare before registering to buy a tour, when the Japanese LSQ rejects Visa, our company will not refund the deposit. In case of issuing air tickets, customers still have to pay 100% more air tickets.


• A fine of VND 10,000,000 after registering for the tour.
• A fine of VND 20,000,000 for cancellation of tour from 30 days – 45 days compared to the date of departure.
• Fine 25,000,000 VND to cancel the tour from 20 days 29 days compared to the date of departure.
• Fine 100% of tour price if canceling tour within 19 days compared to day of tour departure. In case, after having a Visa, you cancel the tour, we will carry out procedures to cancel Visa or keep your passport until Visa expires.


Bank transfer
Collect money directly
Online payment through Paypal


Before signing up for the tour, please read the program carefully, the tour price, including and not included in the program.
In case you do not come directly to register for the tour but are registered by others, please carefully understand the program from the registrant for yourself.
• When participating in the tour program, please bring your passport (passport) is valid for 06 months from the date of departure.
• Because flights are dependent on airlines, flight hours may change in some cases without notice to you.
• In case there are not enough groups of 15 guests, both parties will negotiate the price for the group. If you do not agree with the above price, you can move on to the next tour but not more than 02 times.
• If you require a single room, please pay the extra surcharge.
• Guests under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or relative of over 18 years old. In case of traveling with family members, a certification letter certified by the local authority must be attached (guided by the parents’ parents)
• If you are 70 or older, please provide a health certificate issued by a district hospital.
• The company does not accept applications for pregnant women 7 months or more.
• If you only bring a green card (temporary residence card abroad) and do not have a Vietnamese passport, you cannot register to travel to a third country.
• If you have 2 Citizenship or Travel document (no nationality), please inform the tour staff at the time of booking tour and submit the original with the relevant documents (if any).
• If guests are overseas Vietnamese or foreign visa leaving must bring along the tour.
• In case of cancellation does not apply to the holidays.
• In case of force majeure due to weather, natural disasters, strikes, riots, vandalism, war, epidemics, flights delayed or canceled due to weather or technology … .. and no tour To continue, the company will refund the tour fee to customers after deducting the cost of services made such as visa fees, air tickets … and is not responsible for any additional compensation. any other costs.
• The order of attractions in the program in some cases may vary depending on the actual situation but still ensure the full range of attractions as at the beginning.
• In case of refusal to exit Vietnam Customs:
– For any reason that Vietnam Customs refuses to exit, our company will not accept any responsibility nor refund the tour back to customers.
• In case the Customs of the host country refuses to enter:
– For any reason that the Customs of the host country refuses to enter, our company will not accept any responsibility nor refund the tour back to customers. In addition, customers have to pay the costs incurred such as meals, vacation, buy air tickets to return

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