• Are you going to study in Japan?
  • Don’t know which school to choose in Japan?
  • Looking for a reputable Japan study company?
  • Want to study in Japan at the lowest cost?
  • Do you want to receive a $1000 study support package?
  • Looking for a long-standing reputation for quality school?
  • Are you looking for a professional reputation study centre with the lowest tuition and VISA fees always on 95?


JV Solutions is the first unit in Vietnam to apply for the full SERVICE FEE WAIVER program and $1000 WORTH of RECORD PROCESSING FEES for those who have a 3-point summary of the top 6.0! So you will NOT LOSE ANY FEES for the center of study in Vietnam, tuition fee can be paid directly to the school in Japan!
The total cost of study is from 177 million, including: 1 year tuition, airfare, the N5 examination fee, visa application fee, application package… (for school 700.000 Yen first year tuition)

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