1. How to settle in Japan

In recent years, Japan has always been a potential market for Vietnamese workers or other students. The settlement is going to live long-term in Japan. However, to be allowed to reside here, the Japanese government is reviewing your visa profile very thoroughly. Because the procedure to be settled or also known as permanent residence in Japan is quite complicated and difficult. There are 2 ways you can live long in Japan:
Immigration Consultant One is a permanent residence.
Immigration Consultant Two are naturalization.

But the benefits of these two ways are no different. The only difference is that an alien who has entered citizenship is a citizen of Japan. In case you enter citizenship, you will have to leave Vietnam citizenship.

Immigration Consultant

When entering Japanese nationality then selling will have to leave Vietnam citizenship

2. Conditions of settlement in Japan

A mandatory condition to settle in Japan is as follows:

Immigration ConsultantDo not violate the law, do not cause troubles and damages when living in Japan.
Immigration ConsultantMust live continuously in Japan over 10 years, of which over 5 years live as a Labor visa (人文知識・国際業務) or Visa engineer (技術)
Immigration ConsultantYour current Visa must have the longest duration of the allowable limit. For example, a minimum master visa must be valid for 3 to 5 years.
Immigration ConsultantThis means you have to do in Japan, and renew on time.

However, if you are married to a Japanese person, you can be permanently settled, as you live over 3 years in Japan since the date of marriage.

Another case is that you are an adopted child in Japan who just lived for over 1 year. The adoption case in Japan is not uncommon because when studying in Japan, you are usually in the form of a primary Homestay so if you have a good moral situation, living sincerely, most likely the family anchors in Japan will receive you Adoption.

From here your ability to settle in Japan is also a lot easier.

Immigration Consultant

If you are married to a Japanese person you can completely get permanent settlement in Japan

3. Differences between visa for permanent residence and naturalization of Japan

Visa application for permanent residence: filed in Immigration Bureau. A guarantor is required when filing and you will have to give the Bureau a proof of income, a taxpayer in the nearest 3 years of the guarantor.

When filing a naturalization application: You will proceed to the Department of Justice. While no guarantor is needed, the paperwork needs a lot like:

Immigration Consultant A copy of your birth certificate, your parents ‘ marriage certificate.
Immigration ConsultantThe declaration of Revenue of 1 month, the map of the area you live in, writing a resume from birth to the present.
Immigration ConsultantWhat is the declaration of information, what to do, how,… address The name of the family members living in Vietnam and Japan (if any), the paper reason for citizenship, including the name of Japanese name to be renamed.

Immigration Consultant
Visa application for permanent residence filed in the Immigration Bureau, also application for naturalization will take the procedures at the Ministry of Justice

4. How long does the record result wait?

With permanent application: From the applicant you will have to wait from 6-8 months or even 1 year.
For naturalization, after applying for an official result, it will take about 1 year to 1 and a half years, which may take two years.

5. What are the fees for filing procedures?

For your successful stay, you will have to lose 8000 yen, but without success, you don’t lose money
Please enter your nationality and you will not lose your money, but you lose money in Vietnam’s citizenship.

6. How much is the time to settle in Japan with 2?

Immigration Consultant With permanent visa will not be limited to employment however need to renew the residence card 7 years in 1 time at Immigration Bureau. If you travel or return to the country for more than 1 year, you are permanently cut off.
Immigration ConsultantFor naturalization, you are already a Japanese citizen, and will be permanently in Japan, and there is no deportation in the law.

The above are extremely necessary information for you when you want to settle in Japan. Please refer to the preparation of the necessary procedures!

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